Mass advertising in Netherland

Mass advertising

Geometric growth is typically the result of mass advertisments. If an advertisement is aimed at generating specific business (as opposed to developing corporate image) and if it is done well, then one can generally predict and track the number and value of sales resulting from it. Furthermore, if increments to the advertising are planned and done just as well, then there will generally be a roughly linear relationship between the dollars spent and the business generated. If $100,000 worth of ads generates $1 million worth of business, then, if done right, spending another $100,000 may be expected to generate another $1 million. That is geometric growth. It works that way because each placement of an ad can be counted on to motivate a purchase reaction in a certain number of people. You spend a dollar to motivate a certain number of dollars of purchasing.

The mathematics of broadcast advertising can be represented as follows. Suppose

  • We start with N0 customers on day 0.
  • We spend $x per day on advertising with an effectiveness of acquiring q new customers per dollar spent.
  • Each customer spends (or has a lifetime value of) $v.

then our customer population on day t, as resulting from this campaign, will be

N = N0 + xqt

and the value generated between days 0 and t is

V = $ (xqtv)


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